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Anthem / Room Correction Kit     ARC1M

What is ARC?
Simply put, Anthem Room Correction technology instantly adjusts the audio performance of your equipment to suit your room’s unique characteristics. It “tames” the resonances produced by reflective surfaces and other everyday obstacles, which can have negative effects on the sound radiating from your loudspeakers, especially the low frequencies. Removing the effects of these obstacles allows your audio equipment to achieve a more natural sound; to perform as close to the lab standard as possible.

On a more complex level, ARC is a proprietary digital signal processing software that works with a specially-engineered calibration microphone and your PC or iOS device* to quickly and easily optimize audio for your unique listening space. Anthem engineers developed the ARC system while researching how to replicate the audio-lab standard of performance in non-lab environments. This groundbreaking research was conducted in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada, the Canadian government’s research and technology organization.

Anthem engineers realized that real world listening experiences had little in common with the controlled environment of the audio lab. That’s because the same loudspeakers sound different in different rooms. Performance is affected by a room’s unique characteristics and appointments; the size and shape of the room, its construction and furnishings. These obstacles cause standing waves, resonances, and reflections that can color the sound you hear. Imagine the sound waves coming from your speakers as ripples on a water surface. That makes it easy for you to understand how the ripples of sound bounce off any obstruction they encounter. You can immediately see the benefit of removing the obstacles.’

ARC digitally compares a room’s acoustic signature to that of the lab standard. It measures the response of each speaker relative to the listening area. Then it uses advanced algorithms to eliminate the negative effects of the obstacles in the room, adjusting response and correcting phase effects. When ARC removes the obstacles, what’s left is the lab standard performance.

ARC also detects how much the room reinforces low frequencies due to its boundaries and pressurization. It automatically enforces optimal room gain, keeping bass response from sounding thin. ARC senses where each speaker’s low-frequency response declines and sets high-pass filters accordingly, ensuring natural-sounding levels of deep, well-blended bass.

ARC does all this, and more, instantly and automatically. The result is a replication of the lab standard right in your room, for “perfect” speaker performance in any listening space.

Anthem Room Correction Kit (ARC-1M)
The ARC Kit is easy to use, and just a few simple steps can customize your loudspeakers for your unique listening space.

Each ARC-ready component comes with an ARC Kit, consisting of a Calibrated Microphone, a professional-quality mic stand, and high quality cabling. You will need a laptop running Windows 7 or later, and the latest ARC software downloaded from our web site.

Plug the kit’s custom Calibration Microphone into your computer and into your ARC-ready Anthem receiver, amp, pre-amp or your ARC-ready Paradigm speaker. Place the microphone at each of the listening positions in your room (a minimum of five, maximum of ten), and allow ARC to take a sound sample from each location.

The proprietary ARC software measures the difference between the speaker’s ideal lab-standard response, and their real-world performance in your room. Then, its sophisticated DSL accurately equalizes intricate crossover curves so that the performance of the speakers in your room meets the ideal lab standard!

Now you’re hearing exactly what our audio engineers intended you to hear: Pure, natural, transparent sound, no matter what challenges your room presents!