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Kelly Wood Automation

Our RFT Group brand - Kelly Wood Automation NZ Ltd, has qualified technicians who are trained in various systems such as C-Bus, Control4 & KNX automation systems, but who are they and what do they do?

KNX - Founded in 1990 - Originally known as the European Installation Bus, KNX is actually a standardized building automation platform which individual manufacturers can utilize to allow their products to be integrated with other KNX compatible and approved devices.  Due to this there are now hundreds of manufacturers building KNX devices which equates to thousands of KNX devices.  One benefit of having the KNX standard is that all KNX compatible devices have seamless integration and put that together with the ultra-reliable 2 wire bus that is the typical KNX media you get a system that just works.  If you want a lighting automation system that is ultra reliable and has some stunning wall plates that are normally only seen in movies, KNX is an option you should not look past.

C-Bus - Made by Clipsal from 1994 - One of NZ and Australia's original electrical automation systems, C-Bus offers reliable lighting automation hardware and some nice designer wall plates which are very user friendly.  C-Bus gains it's reliability by utilizing a 2 wire bus which powers C-Bus devices and allows them to talk though only 2 wires.  Once set up, C-Bus does not normally require servicing unless changes are to be made.  We have systems which are older than 15 years and are still running today.

Control4  - Founded in 2003 - While it hasn't been around as long as our other brands, Control4 has enormous interfacing abilities as it bridges the gap between Audio Visual and Electrical Automation.  On one touch screen you can control Music, Spotify, MySky, lighting, heating, ventilation, gates, doors and whatever else you wish to integrate.  Control4 has one of the easiest user interfaces and is extremely versatile, there is a huge amount of R&D each year, reported to up to US$40M which allows the company to provide a solution which is always evolving.  Control4 relies on an IP backbone (data network) but has mulitple communication platforms, IR, IP, RS232 and Zigbee, which allows thousands of 3rd party devices that may not have even been designed to be automated, to be a part of your home automation system.  While this gives Control4 a massive advantage, maintenance is to be expected as firmware on both Control4 and 3rd party devices can require updates to remain current, this is the price we pay however for technology that keeps up with the times.  If you are looking for an all in one solution, Control4 is it, and to top it off, Control4 can integrate with both C-Bus and KNX which means a stand alone rock solid lighting automation system can be coupled with Control4's intuitive Lighting and AV control interface.