TT15S1  Marantz Turntable

TT15S1 Marantz Turntable

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Marantz | TT-15S1

Analogue purists behold: the TT-15S1 Premium Range turntable is here. It has a solid acrylic resin chassis in design style of the Premium Range, a 3 cm-thick heavy acrylic platter with a black felt cover, solid aluminium feet, and state of- the-art ceramic bearings, so it almost eliminates chassis resonance. The Marantz exclusive MM-system in a stylish ebony body is directly fixed to the high-grade audio interconnector reducing signal resistance to a minimum. Its anodised arm has been optimised to partner the unit perfectly. The motor is dampened and isolated from the chassis to prevent vibration influence. And a “clever clamp” system ensures excellent disc contact with platter. The magnetic anti-skating system is contact-free to eliminate unwanted stylus stresses, and the continuous silicon belt guarantees rotational accuracy. The TT-15S1 represents the ultimate addition to any audiophile’s home audio system.

– Low-Resonance High-Density Acrylic Chassis and Platter
– Floating Motor Mount Construction
– Asynchronous AC Motor
– Belt Drive System with Endless Silicon Belt
– Anodized Aluminum Straight Type Tone Arm
– Magnetic Type Anti-Skating Mechanism
– Fine Adjustable Counter Weight
– Solid Aluminum 3 points Support Feet
– Wood Base, High Quality MM Cartridge
– “Clever Clamp” by Souther Engineering